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 Small Groups

 Tuesdays:  Refreshments, Fellowship, Study of God's Word. 
2-4 pm at 821 Wentworth St., Peterborough, ON
Contact: 705-745-8889
 Thursdays:  Supper, Fellowship, Study of God's Word. 
6-9 pm at 117 Milroy Dr., Peterborough, ON
Contact: 705-243-0060

Fridays:  Young people (College and University age) from ages 19-35.  Food, Fellowship, Study of God's Word.
6:00-9:00 pm at 333 Hedonics Rd., Apt. 316, Peterborough, ON
Contact: Call/Text Jo at 705-957-9450




 Depression Recovery Program 2020

Depression Recovery Program 2020




Besides our weekly bible study and worship service, we offer special programming on a variety of topics.  You can view the details below.  Please Contact Us if you have questions.  We would love to see you here!