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   COVID-19 Update: Please note that we are following the guidelines for "Places of Worship" listed on the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine-Ridge District Health Unit website, as well as Province of Ontario guidelines.

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While we continue to conduct virtual meetings on Zoom, we are looking forward to the safe resumption of in-person bible studies, and worship services each Saturday.  Please note that as of February 16th, we can have 39 congregants (30% of our bldg. capacity) in the church building at one time.  If you wish to join us and have no COVID-19 symptoms, please contact the church at (705) 742-8945.  Wear a mask, or we will provide you with one when you enter our church.  Refer to our Calendar for meeting times.  For further details about in-person church services or virtual meetings, contact Jo at huldajokoehn@gmail.com

We look forward to worshiping with you.



COVID-19 has to some degree exhibited how divided the society in which we live is.  We see it in marriages, finances, politics, and personal views.  Marriages are experiencing troubles and separations.  In economic matters many have lost jobs and are struggling to survive while others rake in billions in profits monthly.  In politics the left and the right, the liberal and conservative are antagonistically opposed.  And in personal matters, people are divided about such matters as whether to wear a mask or not, whether to take the vaccine or not.

The vaccine which is to curb the spread of the virus has struck a chord of deep division among many.  If I take the vaccine, I will be able to visit my ailing relative in a nursing home; if I do not, I can't.  I know of two health professionals who live in North America who took the vaccine; a relative in Europe did so also, as did a friend in the Middle East.  But then, a good friend whom I value greatly, is decidedly against receiving the vaccine.

Will the vaccine help us in living godly lives and accomplishing God's mission?  Or will such an action complicate things and undermine my credibility as a Christian witness?

Should I resist or comply?  Is it more natural for us to resist rather than to comply when we have lost freedom of movement and choice in many areas of our lives in the time in which we now live?

The Holy Spirit has been given to lead us into all truth according to John 14:16.  But are we open to hear Him?  

In the past 11 months, what has guided my path?  Was it fear and doubt, or was it faith and peace?

As we go forward, which of these will govern my thoughts and actions in times that most likely would have some anxious and divisive moments?

Pastor Petar Caran

Pastor of Cobourg and Peterborough Churches