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          Is the story of death, burial and resurrection just a reflection of the spring season, someone might ask?
          If you are a skeptic in reality of Jesus, at least you let the thought of him run through your mind. That is good, that is something.  At least you are not shutting Jesus out.
          So, what to do with such a thought?
          May I ask you to do what you have done with many things in the past. At some point someone might have offered you an idea to ride a bicycle and you might have thought of it after looking at it. If you ride a bike these days most likely you have given an idea of riding a bike a try.
          Do the same with “Jesus” idea. Give it a try!
          Find a bible on the web, read it with prayer and sincerity in your heart and then ask Jesus Christ simply to reveal himself to you so you can experience Him.


Pastor Petar Caran

Pastor of Cobourg and Peterborough Churches



Pastor Petar Caran, Alexandra & Family