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   COVID-19 Update: Please note that we are following the guidelines for "Places of Worship" listed on the Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine-Ridge District Health Unit website, as well as Province of Ontario guidelines.

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While we continue to conduct virtual meetings on Zoom, we are looking forward to the safe resumption of in-person bible studies, and worship services each Saturday.  Please note that as of April 19th, we can have 10 congregants in the church building at one time.  If you wish to join us and have no COVID-19 symptoms, please contact the church at (705) 742-8945.  Wear a mask, or we will provide you with one when you enter our church.  Refer to our Calendar for meeting times.  For further details about in-person church services or virtual meetings, contact Jo at huldajokoehn@gmail.com

We look forward to worshiping with you.



Alexandra and I were walking, just soaking up the warmth and sunshine of spring and reflecting on this past year of a pandemic and its restrictions. In some ways the pandemic was like a dripping tap. When the tap drips in our kitchen for a minute or two it might get on our nerves, but after a day of hearing that sound we accept it, or after a month or a year we still accept it, but deep within us we are uneasy about it. Yet we somehow adjust to the new reality of it.

How was the past year for you?

What did you do to adjust?

What good did you gain that you couldn’t or wouldn't have if there had been no pandemic?

For me as Pastor, a shepherd of my flock, I was a little more at peace and satisfied just knowing that all the 'sheep' were near rather than far. We have a group of seniors that normally go south during the winter months. This past year all of us were together. So, being together and seeing all the faces – even though virtually, was very good. But oh, how I am looking forward to the time when Jesus Christ will return and we will be all together and united with Him, our Good Shepherd and Saviour!

Pastor Petar Caran

Pastor of Cobourg and Peterborough Churches

Alexandra & Pastor Petar Caran