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Maranatha: The Lord Is Coming


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     Pastor's Message


Freedom is something we talk about,  think about,  wrestle with it's meaning,  and even fight about.   Most of us living in the North America would think of the Ukraine when we think of freedom, and their fight for it.

Recently we watched how different states in the USA deal with the whole issue of freedom for a woman over her body, or the right of a child to live.

Then, there were famous truck convoys that called us to stand for freedom in Canada from mandates.

There is a freedom that is more personal, at least to me.

On a practical and personal level, I do experience freedom as I invite the Holy Spirit to lead me hourly (Luke 11:13), and to pause regularly and ask Him to lead in small decisions, in bigger decisions, and the greatest decisions. That way, there is no burden or heaviness upon me to make life decisions, but the Holy Spirit that resides in my heart does it.

May I invite you to try this way of living in freedom  - one that nobody can take away from you.

Pastor Petar Caran

Pastor of Cobourg and Peterborough Churches



Pastor Petar Caran, Alexandra & Family