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Matthew 5:6 talks about hungering and thirsting for righteousness of Christ Jesus, but how do I experience that if I cannot remember the last time I hungered and thirsted physically? This text could be juxtaposed to Revelation 3 in which we find Laodicean church boasting of needing nothing for we have all that we need.

Allow us to leave you with this quotation as a commentary to Matthew 5:6:

British expositor Martyn Lloyd-Jones said this of hungering and thirsting after righteousness: ". . . I do not know of a better test that anyone can apply to himself or herself in this whole matter of the Christian profession than a verse like this. If this verse is to you one of the most blessed statements of the whole of Scripture we can be quite sure we are a Christian; if it is not, then we had better examine the foundations again."


Pastor Petar Caran

Pastor of Cobourg and Peterborough Churches

Alexandra & Pastor Petar Caran