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           In some ways, our world is very small planet. As I talk to individuals around the globe, there is a certain sense of puzzling uncertainty. Even though people are bombarded with tons of news pieces, I am not sure how many people can understand what is happening. So many people feel trapped and helpless not knowing whether they are making the best decisions daily in this time of need.

Believe me that I feel similarly to you, so allow me to share a few things that I am doing that are helping me make more sense of the world we live in:

  1. Summary of the Bible could be put in these statements: “Love Thy Lord supremely, and love others as you love yourself.” These times tend to push us to think of the last part of the above statement, but may I suggest that if you sense that God is your priority, take time and spend enough time daily in His Word, meditating on His words and spend time praying as you read the Bible.
  2. Out of those Bible-based prayers, I would like to ask you to seek the Lord to help you make clear of whom you can pray for, call, or send a message to. The more you and I spend time looking at God, the more He will enlarge our hearts to care for those around us and by caring for others. I find, in these uncertain times that we cannot put a finger on, become clearer because we know how love and caring for others look like.

May you find joy in looking up,

Pastor Peter Caran

Pastor of Cobourg and Peterborough Churches